Passion meets creativity – creating something special

Things become special when they tell a story, a story both about the object itself and about its creator, his inspiration and the message he wants to share about it. In a world with ever shorter innovation cycles and advancing technology and digitalisation, we often seem to lack the peace and imagination to reflect on the past, rediscover its beauty and think creatively about how to preserve it – in other words, to “revive” the old.

This is what happened with a very unusual architectural project by the family business brüderl. and their conversion of a historic water tower into a modern, stylish and emotionally captivating residential building with a unique flat in the heart of Upper Bavaria. Built in the 1950s, the water tower in Pirach near Traunreut has been the object of company founder Schorsch Brüderl’s dreams and fantasies since his earliest childhood.

A place of ideas & inspiration

When the tower lost its function and was sold, he took the opportunity to create something very special in a unique location. The water reservoir, revitalised with a keen eye for old building details, became a living reference for visionary design and construction. As a think tank for planners, as a holiday home and as a place of strength and residence, the wealth of ideas and passion of the creator can be experienced here and the surroundings, tranquillity and exclusive ambience can be enjoyed.

With a height of over 30 metres, the Pirach water tower is visible from afar, but also offers a fantastic view of the Bavarian Alps. Its outer façade, made of staggered steel panels, reflects the surroundings so that they seem to become one with the building – giving it a visual lightness despite its size.

At Secret Classics, we regularly introduce people and companies who share our common passion and fascination for history, design and automotive history in their work, their products or their philosophy and passion. Classic vehicles are a symbol of aesthetics, inventiveness and the desire to create something unique and special. And so brüderl. has also anchored the task of preserving the old, creatively rethinking it and putting it to new use in its corporate philosophy. The motto “completely. or not at all”, which expresses the passion, but also the promise to passionately pursue the philosophy and implement it on a daily basis, fits in with this.

Cars as an impulse for architecture

This way of thinking is also reflected in a very private passion of the partners and managing directors Schorsch, Georg and Benedikt Brüderl: their love of classic cars. The hand-picked collection of special treasures – like the listed and revitalised buildings – preserves the old and flourishes under the owners’ careful care. Architecture and classic cars – both passions share a passion for aesthetics, quality and the extraordinary. The shapes, curves, details or history of the vehicles often provide the impetus and inspiration for new architectural projects and ideas – but above all the pleasure of enjoying moments of freedom, lightness and joy in something unique.

If you would like to find out more about the creators, the Chiemgau-based company brüderl. and the various projects, you will find further interesting insights and contact details on the website. As a family business with over 100 employees, the brüderl. Group, which unites project development, architecture, interior design and an in-house furniture manufactory under one roof, follows the vision of thinking architecture in a visionary way and realising the values of tradition, sustainability and exclusivity holistically.

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Photos by Statement Media