Lunaz Electric Range Rover Classic

50 years after the market launch of the Range Rover, Lunaz now offers conversions to electric drive. This is due to many customer inquiries that have been received in recent months. Originally, the company wanted to convert mainly classic sedans and sports cars. For this purpose they already presented a Jaguar XK120 and various Rolls-Royce and Bentley. With the forefather of the SUV movement, the company now also has an all-purpose vehicle in its program. The first generation of the Range Rover was built from 1970 to 1994 in almost unchanged form. At Lunaz all vehicles receive a complete restoration before the conversion. For this the disassembled bodyshell is stripped of paint and, if necessary, derusted and treated.

Lunaz offers the electrified Range Rover in the two specifications ‘Town’ and ‘Country’. The urban design places a great deal of emphasis on comfort for the driver and other occupants, although chauffeur use is also possible. Naturally, vehicles with a long wheelbase and four doors are better suited to this requirement. The ‘Country’ version offers a variety of solutions to provide classic off-wheel driving pleasure in electric form. In addition to permanent four-wheel drive, these include improved suspension components and a more powerful brake system. Customers can tailor their perfect configuration together with design director Jen Holloway. For the interior, there is a range of fabrics based on the original material available. Alternatively, leather is an option. Beautiful wood decor is also on board. Lunaz integrates a modern infotainment system into the center console. Next to that there is a rear-seat entertainment system and a modern air conditioning system.

Lunaz is planning a first limited edition of 50 cars. The minimum price is £ 245,000 plus taxes. Deliveries will start in summer 2021, but the British brand didn’t provide any information on the technical specification.

Images: Lunaz