Ford GT – Facelift 2021

As part of the Petersen Car Week, organised and hosted as an online event by the Petersen Automotive Museum on their YouTube channel, Ford presented two innovations for the 2021 model year of the sports car GT. Production of this modern interpretation of the legendary GT40 with a V6 biturbo engine has been underway at Multimatic in Canada since December 2017. Interested parties had to apply online for the total of 1,350 units planned until 2022, a simple purchase via Ford dealers wasn’t possible. Selected customers were finally allowed to transfer at least € 530,000 to receive their dream vehicles. Two new variants are now available for the 2021 model year, which will be delivered from the beginning of 2021.

Ford GT Heritage Edition 2021

As in previous years, the exclusive Heritage Edition will be available in 2021, this time inspired by a GT40 racing car that recently made it onto the big screen in cinemas. The winning car of the 1966 Daytona 24 Hours was driven by Ken Miles and Lloyd Ruby, who took the hitherto relatively unsuccessful mid-engine racing car to its first overall victory. Ford had created this special car to get the better of Ferrari. The Italians had given the Americans a painful rebuff during takeover talks in 1964, which Henry Ford II didn’t want to let sit on his hands. The story behind the Detroit brand’s first Le Mans victory is relatively well presented in the movie ‘Ford vs. Ferrari’ (or ‘Le Mans ’66’ in Europe), which is now also available on DVD and BluRay.

Inspired by the winning car from Daytona, the Heritage Edition 2021 features a frost-white base coat with asymmetrically arranged accents in racing red and elements in black tinted carbon fibre. Race number 98 is also reminiscent of the GT40 Mk II from 1966, with classic Ford lettering in front of the rear wheels, while the wheel arches are optionally filled with gold-painted forged wheels or high-quality carbon rims with red inlays, each in 20-inch size. Behind them are red-painted brake calipers on the forged wheels or black ones with red lettering on the visible carbon wheels. Inside, Heritage Edition 2021 vehicles feature a mix of black suede and Alcantara on the dashboard and steering wheel, as well as red dyed suede on the performance seats. The shift paddles have also been anodised in red. On the door panels you will find the starting number 98 again.

Ford GT Studio Collection

For customers who want to configure their GT in a more colorful way, Ford offers a new design package through the Studio Collection. Matching the almost infinite range of colors available for the bodywork, this offers additional accent strips that swing lengthwise across the car, next to additional stripes emphasising the headlights and side air intakes. On request, the area between the longitudinal stripes can be set off in an additional contrasting color. The exterior mirrors are also available in contrasting colors. Only 40 customers for vehicles from model year 2021 will have the chance to order this design package.

Images: Ford