Floating Motors

Have you ever imagined gliding across the Mediterranean or Lake Constance in a classic car? Sounds strange? But it looks better on first computer retouches than you might think. They come from Floating Motors, a new joint venture between Jet Capsule S.r.l. and Lazzarini Design. Here, they plan to bring the driving fun and classic shapes of classic cars to the water. Of course, the historic vehicles aren’t to be irretrievably converted in the process. Instead, appropriately shaped boat hulls are being created from the latest materials, which simply pick up on the design of the classic cars. Underneath the hull is a catamaran superstructure, which is optionally designed with floats or hydrofoil fins.

Since the superstructure is available in five different lengths ranging from three to 7.5 meters, Floating Motors is planning completely different superstructures. In addition, a choice of outboard motors, jet engines or, in the case of the hydrofoils, a propeller can be selected for propulsion. Under the names “La Dolce” and “La Foil”, bodies in the style of the classic Fiat 500 are being created. The British Mini goes by the name of “Minimare” in the floating suit, the VW T1 is the “Westie” and the Jaguar E-Type is the “La Perla”. In addition, the first pictures show the “La Veloce” in the shape of the Porsche 550 Spyder, as well as other bodies that haven’t yet been given a name. Interested parties can support Floating Motors in a crowd-funding campaign on the company’s own website.

Images: Floating Motors