E-Type UK Jaguar S3 6.1 V12

After already having several different restomod cars, based on models like the Porsche 911, Alfa Romeo GTV, MGB or some others, on the market, now British company E-Type UK shows their interpretation of this theme. As the term implies, a ‘restomod’ is a restored car equipped with several modern modifications and significant improvements compared to the original car. While reading the company name, it’s not surprising that they used a Jaguar E-Type for their conversion. On the other hand the choice of a car from the third series, which is less popular among nostalgics and real Jaguar fans for the design changes compared with the E-Type S1, but only for its V12 engine, is a little more surprising.

However, as a presentation car for this restomod E-Type UK deliberately chose a 1974 Roadster – probably because it was ordered by an overseas customer. The reconstruction process including all built-in improvements took more than 3,000 men hours. With an enlargement from 5.3 to 6.1 liters displacement, the V12 engine received the biggest upgrade. Instead of the standard Stromberg carburettors, the engine now works with a specially fitted downdraft fuel injection system, throttle bodies from Jenvy, an ECU from Emerald and a full custom wiring loom. Due to the increased displacement the engine now produces a dyno-proven 284 bhp. Also new is the 12-branch stainless steel exhaust system.

In order to release the higher performance permanently on the E-Type S3, the technicians strengthened the inner sills of the body shell, enlarged the vents in the hood and made new air ducts. In addition there is a more sporty steering rack and an adjustable sports suspension including sports torsion bars as well as a brake system from AP Racing with four pistons and grooved vented discs at the front axle. Instead of the standard gearbox, a manual five-speed box made from aerospace-grade aluminium is used. The works hardtop roof received a Dynamat noise insulation and an Alcantara headliner on the inside.

Visually the restomod differs only marginally from the production vehicle. True brand connoisseurs, however, see at first glance the 16-inch spoke-wheels, with 62 chrome spokes each, which show white-wall tires with matching speed rating. In addition, the car received a new leather interior with heated XJS seats, which were adapted to the size of the owner and the interior of the E-Type S3, electrically adjustable mirrors, a remote central locking and air conditioning. In order to enjoy the surround sound of the new music system with Bluetooth and iPod integration in the best possible way, the car received a noise insulation from Dynamat is used. Next to LED interior and instrumental lighting, LEDs also illuminate the footwell, doorways and the trunk. Headlights, turn signals and taillights also work with LED technology including new daytime running lights. In order to start the 6.1-liter V12 engine, E-Type UK also installed a red glowing start button on the dashboard.

Images: E-Type UK