Zagato Iso Rivolta GTZ

As homage to the Iso Rivolta A3 from 1963, Zagato is launching the new Iso Rivolta GTZ. The first copy of the limited edition already went to its first owner in Lucerne, Switzerland. In total, only 19 units are to be produced, nine of which are already pre-ordered. Renzo Rivolta presented the legendary A3 as a racing sports car with a street-legal offshoot. In 1964 and 1965 it won the GT class at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The A3 Berlinetta Stradale was bought by some stars such as Johnny Halliday.

First delivery after virtual premiere

As early as 2017, Zagato created the Iso Rivolta Hypercar Vision GT for the racing game Gran Turismo for the Sony Play Station. This revived the famous brand name and brought it directly to over 100 million players, many of whom had probably never before heard of Iso Rivolta. With the new GTZ, they now want to arouse the desire of car collectors. In June, the sports car made its virtual debut at the very first ‘Concours Virtual 2020’, and now the first vehicle is already in the hands of a customer. The body with its retro design is made of carbon fiber and painted in ‘Monza Green’.

Zagato’s choice of technical basis was based on the history of the Iso Rivolta brand. This brand used American mass production technology and superimposed Italian design. The GTZ has a Chevrolet Corvette Z06 under its carbon dress. The LT4 V8 supercharged engine with 660 hp and 881 newtonmeters of torque from 6.2 liters of displacement provides the propulsion. Zagato states a time of 3.7 seconds for the sprint to 100 kph (62 mph) and a topspeed of 315 kph (195 mph).

Granddaughter of Renzo initiated the project

The revival of Iso Rivolta goes back to Marella Rivolta, the granddaughter of Renzo Rivolta. She describes the project as follows: “The GTZ was born as a tribute to my grandfather Renzo – who I never knew having missed before I was born and from which, in the family, they say I inherited its temperament, and so I hope his qualities. He was passionate about racing first, in motorboating and then in motorbikes, and a car like the A3 to race at La Mans reflected his passion. So this first project has a lot of heart, hoping to have made him proud of me!”

Images: Zagato, Silvan Dietrich