Volkswagen T2 Tow Truck

Have you ever thought about taking your classic car to the next car meeting or rally in particular style? Mechatronik Cartique currently has a suitable vehicle on offer. It is a tow truck based on a Volkswagen T2. While there were a large number of conversions of this popular light commercial vehicle in the 1960s and 70s, most of them have unfortunately disappeared from our roads a long time ago. This flatbed truck with lowered ramp area and loading ramps, on the other hand, has survived and has apparently been lovingly restored. However, this means that it is no longer possible to say for sure whether the read-off mileage of around 60,000 kilometers is realistic, or whether there is a digit missing which is concealed by the five-digit instrument.

However, since the technical parts and the chassis have been restored in addition to the appearance, the future owner can look forward to many trouble-free trips with and without cargo. Because even without piggybacking another car, this Volkswagen is already an attraction for any classic car event. Matching the light blue paint, the 1971 T2 bears the classic mascot of the Volkswagen Service department on the doors. Inside, the brightly draped bench seat offers space for up to three occupants. Under the wooden and stainless steel load floor, a four-cylinder boxer engine with 70 hp drives the two rear axles. This doesn’t set any speed records, but thanks to its great shape and spick-and-span condition it undoubtedly meets with the approval of other drivers around you. Many smiles per mile. Mechatronik Cartique calls a price of € 59,000.

Images: Mechatronik Cartique