Totem Automobili Alfa Romeo Giulia GT

Totem Automobili made a name for itself in Italy for the restoration of classic Alfa Romeo models. The latest project is currently a Giulia GT restomod. Visually, the car is given a slight facelift with new lights and a significantly wider body, which is stylistically based on the Giulia GTA. However, Totem Automobili is replacing all body parts with carbon fibre components. Even from the chassis, only about ten percent of the original base remains. Instead of the double wishbones of the classic car, a MacPherson front axle with adjustable Bilstein Clubsport dampers is used. At the rear, the team installed a new subframe with an aluminium multilink axle. For an additional charge, an air suspension system specially adapted to this vehicle is also to be offered.

The rear subframe also houses the restomod’s new engine. This is an electric motor with 386 kW/524 hp and a maximum torque of 940 newtonmeters. With that amount of power the coupé sprints to 62 mph in just 3.4 seconds. In order to provide sufficient safety for the sporty driving performance, Totem Automobili installs a full-size rollcage in the interior. The 50.4 kWh battery pack weighing around 350 kilograms has a capacity of 3,400 mAh and allows a range of up to 320 kilometers. Electronic power control allows the driver to select the modes ‘D’ (dynamic), ‘N’ (natural) or ‘A’ (advanced).

The body design has undergone various modifications, starting with the auxiliary headlamps arranged diagonally under the main headlamps, which, like the new taillights, use LED technology. The shape of the bonnet and roof pillars was also changed. The carbon body parts are handmade, as are the interior fittings with the finest Italian leather on the seats. Behind the steering wheel, Totem plans to install two 3.5-inch displays, each showing relevant vehicle information. A further display of the same size is located on the classically designed radio, which has all the modern conveniences such as Bluetooth connectivity, DAB reception, app integration and a navigation system. While electric windows and a high-quality audio system are standard equipment, air conditioning is optional.

Potential customers can choose their favourite combination of colors for both the body and the leather upholstery from a wide range of color options. In addition, the shape and size of the front seats can be adapted to suit the owner. Trim parts are available in various electroplated finishes such as chrome, nickel, copper, zinc, bronze or other alloys.

Actually, the electrified Alfa Romeo Giulia GT should have been presented to the world public during the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Since this car event has been postponed indefinitely due to the Corona pandemic, it remains to be seen when and where the world premiere will take place.

Images: Totem Automobili