Lamborghini Miura SV

A completely unrestored Lamborghini Miura SV with just over 10,000 miles recently arrived in the showroom of Curated in Miami. What appears to be unbelievable, the pictures present it in original red paint (Rosso) with gold sills and rims. Except for a bit of patina, this sports car could have tumbled through a time portal straight out of the 1970s. The Miura SV arrived in New York in November 1972. Achili Motors delivered it to the first owner, a Mr. Johnson, who had it regularly serviced right trough the 1980s. Thus the small increase in mileage is well documented. He was followed by only two other owners to date who appreciated the value of this car.

In 2001, Robert DeMars examined the Miura as an expert and said: “A beauty of a “Survivor” and surprisingly original, this very rare Miura SV Split Sump model is the rarest of the rare with extremely low miles… showing careful preservation. A car can be original just once in its lifetime, this outstanding “Time Capsule” original is surely of the finest to survive.” For the next 19 years, the sports car disappeared from public view. Regular service work took place at Paul Russell’s workshop, but the Miura wasn’t driven. This is evident in the state of preservation of the original acrylic paint and the interior. Even the original tires and windshield decals are still in place. Curated is now having a Lamborghini Polo Storico certification made and will subsequently show the mid-engined sports car at concours events.

Images: Curated