GTO Engineering 250 SWB Revival

About 60 years ago Ferrari created some legendary sports car, which today are among the most expensive classic cars in the world. For this reason, there are various insurance companies that strictly prohibit the proper, purposeful use of these vehicles in order to avoid the embarassment of having to cover blatantly high costs in case of an accident. Therefore, many owners are longing for alternatives that offer the classic look and similar driving fun. The UK is home to GTO Engineering, whose employees have over 200 years of combined work experience and also have clocked up over half a million miles in the most valuable Ferrari models. They are now working on an accurate replica of the 250 GT SWB Berlinetta Competizione under the name 250 SWB Revival.

All elements and components of the original have been reworked for the replica to improve it. Based on the original technical drawings, a tubular frame chassis with new stiffeners and partly thicker tube diameters was created in the places that the GTO employees had identified as weak points. On top of this, the bodywork is created by hand from individual aluminium sheets. Interested parties can choose between the classic Competizione version without bumpers of the Berlinetta version with the chrome-plated add-on parts. A virtually infinite range of colors is available, including classic racing liveries. The interior also offers a choice between a roadworthy or a more racing version. The leather seats can be equipped with headrests and harness belts. In addition, air conditioning, an invisibly integrated radio, a heated windshield and, under the dashboard, a USB charging point for modern GPS navigation devices are available.

In contrast to the original, the 250 SWB Revival is designed for different V12 engines and transmissions, depending on customer requirements. In this way, the vehicle can be tuned as a Grand Tourer, sports car or racing car with road legal approval. For this purpose, a V12 engine is built in-house according to the original documents of Gioacchino Colombo. It is available with three, 3.5, four or freely selectable displacement and its individual assembly takes about 300 working hours. Triple carburetors provide for the mixture preparation. Power is transmitted to the rear axle via manual four- or five-speed transmissions, the inner workings of which are produced by GTO.

In 1960, the Ferrari 250 GT SWB was the first production vehicle from Maranello with disc brakes all around. GTO Engineering keeps this feature of course also for the 250 SWB Revival, but offers optional more heat resistant and lighter aluminium brake calipers. In front of the brake discs are either 15 or 16 inch spoked wheels with central locking system. The chassis was tuned on the basis of experience gained with the original.

In the meantime GTO Engineering has already sold more than 30 units of the 250 SWB Revival worldwide, which are delivered at the company’s headquarters in Twyford/UK or at premises in Los Angeles.

Images: GTO Engineering