Ferrari 812 VS

Ferrari knows how to build up interest. About a month ago, they invited VIP customers to an online presentation of a new V12 sports car. Now there are first pictures and data available. The final information, including the model name, will not be announced until May 5. However, it is already clear that this is the special version (VS = Versione Speciale) of the 812 Superfast. This car takes over from the 599 GTO and F12tdf. If you look closely, little more than the windshield and the rough silhouette remains of the 812. The Ferrari designers created an independent front end with a new hood, modeled the side view differently and did without a rear window at the rear. Instead, there are six vortex generators. Overall, downforce has been significantly increased.

Initial data on the front-mounted twelve-cylinder engine has already been published. The cylinder bank angle remains at 65 degrees. It isn’t yet clear whether the displacement of 6.5 liters will also remain unchanged. With 9,500 rpm maximum revs and a peak power of 610 kW/830 hp, it is the most powerful Ferrari V12 so far. This is achieved by using state-of-the-art materials, a new valve control mechanism and a new exhaust system. Ample driving pleasure is provided by a new adaptation of the all-wheel steering system, weight savings compared to the 812 Superfast and the seventh generation of ‘Side Slip Control’. This system allows the driver certain drift angles in corners, but then gently catches the car again. There is no information yet on the price or the planned number of units.

Images: Ferrari