Curves Portugal

The fourteenth installment of the Curves travel guide takes the reader on an extensive journey through Portugal. From the starting point in Porto it goes in five daily stages up to Tavira. As usual, the focus isn’t on pure route information, but on photos of the picturesque landscapes that are well worth seeing. In this way, not only can trips be planned, but a fantastic film is already being created in the mind’s cinema. Whether meter-high waves in the Atlantic or pulsating street art in Lisbon, hilly hinterland or fantastic food in small restaurants, this illustrated journey in book thickness leaves nothing out. Of course, there are also precise details of the chosen routes including elevation profiles, hotel recommendations and points of interest along the way.

The 14th volume of the Curves travel guides appeared as always bilingual in German and English. A total of 288 pages show the country Portugal in great pictures and loving texts. The desire on beautiful journeys is around, preferably in an open sports car of classic car. It is available to be ordered under ISBN 978-3-667-12078-6 directly from Delius Klasing or from bookstores. Price is 15 €.

Images: Delius Klasing, Matthias Kierse