Bugatti – La Bouteille Noire

After a first cooperation in 2018, Bugatti again worked together with Champagne Carbon. A few weeks ago, both companies presented the result called “La Bouteille Noire” at an exclusive event in London. There, they chose the world’s first super-boutique residence “The Londoner” as the venue. A carbon champagne bottle was created to match the Bugatti La Voiture Noire show car displayed in a glass case outside the door. This stands in an exclusive storage box in the shape of La Voiture Noire. This was created by another of Bugatti’s cooperation partners, the IXO company. A total of 314 prepreg carbon mats were used to create the cocoon. In addition to the bottle, it also encloses a solid-state cooling cell and 14 high-quality fans.

The “La Bouteille Noire” bottle rests on a red illuminated base, which is modeled on the taillight of the La Voiture Noire. The havana-brown leather also corresponds exactly to that in the unique car. At the event in London, Bugatti and Champagne Carbon auctioned off the unique bottle. In the coming weeks, the new owner can have individual adjustments made together with Bugatti’s chief designer Achim Anscheidt. In the end, the unique bottle will be a perfect fit for its owner.

Images: Bugatti