Bugatti Chiron – Number 250

Three years ago Bugatti delivered the first copy of the Chiron hypercar to a customer. A total of 500 of these cars are planned. In order to provide for a small differentiation, the 18 kilogram lighter Sport version was introduced in 2018 and the option of the ‘Sky View’ glass surfaces in the roof in 2019. Both equipment variants can also be combined with each other. In addition, Bugatti offered the special edition model 110 Ans last year on the occasion of the brand’s anniversary, and this year the range was expanded to include the special Edition Noire Sportive and Edition Noire Élégance. Now the company proudly announced the completion of the 250th customer vehicle.

Number 250 is indeed the first copy of the Edition Noire Sportive and will soon be shown in this form in the configuration room at the Geneva Motor Show. Like the 249 cars before and the 250 supercars yet to be produced, an eight-liter W16 engine with four turbochargers powers the Chiron. It develops 1,500 hp. Bugatti currently has more than 150 pre-orders on hand, meaning that less than 100 units of the Chiron are still available. Interested customers should therefore contact their local dealer.

Images: Bugatti