Ares Design Project Wami

We have recently presented two other projects that are currently being prepared by Ares Design in Modena/Italy here at Secret Classics. In addition to the Project Pony and the Project GTO, the team of Ares is also working on other vehicles. One of them is the Project Wami, which we would like to introduce this time. At the moment this car still only exists in computer pictures and CAD datas. Visually, it clearly quotes the design of Pietro Frua, used for a few different Maserati sports cars of the 1950s. Models like the Maserati 2000 Spyder showed a similar front grille and the round headlights as well as the covered bumper mounts for racing use.

Whether it comes to the implementation of sidepipes and wire wheels with whitewall tires when the car hits low-volume production, remains to be seen. Both look well on the computer designed sketches. They create a clean looking rear side with small lights and big bootlid, but without exhaust pipes. Inside, the drawings by Ares Design show a dashboard partially painted in body color, a three-spoke wooden steering wheel and round instruments in hammered aluminium surround. Next to that there are well-shaped sports seat and a central display folding out at the top of the dashboard.

On which vehicle the Project Wami should be based, which engines could therefore be available and from when such a vehicle could go into a small series production, is not yet known. But we will stay in touch and keep you updated as soon as Ares will publish more about the development progress.

Images: Ares Design