To the Northcape with the BMW E30

The route is calculated – 4041 KM to Nordkapp says the Navi as Tim, Julian, Cyrill & Seya stand in their hometown Lucerne. Their vehicles for the approximately 60 hours drive – a BMW 325 IX of the E30 series and a Genesis GV70 as a support vehicle. The next 11 days will take the guys through 6 countries, over countless ferries and through the most impressive landscapes Europe has to offer.

The destination on the sat nav was set, the time frame defined, the E30 made fit and the suitcases packed. After a grandiose start at the Ace Cafe in Lucerne with sponsors, followers, friends and family, the luggage was loaded, the skis strapped to the roof and the driver and passenger seats taken. On the morning of January 30, the Alpineracer crew then set off in the direction of Germany.

800 kilometers later, the guys reached the north of Germany. After a short stopover and breakfast at Rasi aka @benzindruck in Hannover, they continued towards Hamburg and Flensburg. On this stretch they could feel the raw power of the North Sea for the first time including hailstorms and strong gusts. At the border crossing to Denmark, the E30 with its roof rack, light bar and bumper sticker stood out a bit from the crowd, so that the Danish customs officer felt compelled to exchange a few words with the driver. After a short explanation and the typical procedures, it was then but further on the E45 direction ferry.

«No this is much rougher than normal – but no problem»

On the ferry between Hirtshals and Oslo, the North Sea again showed its rougher side. When asked if it was always like this, the ferry employee replied “No this is much rougher than normal – but no problem”. Somewhere between Oslo and Trondheim the guys noticed that they had misplaced their camera and equipment at a gas station, but thanks to the low crime rate in Norway this was no problem. After a change of direction and a small detour, the guys quickly had the camera back and continued on to Trondheim.

The odometer writes already over 2000 km, it is day 5 and half of the journey the BMW from 1989 has survived without problems. With the number of kilometers, however, one thing can hardly be avoided, 2,434 NOK (about 220€) wrote the Norwegian policeman on the “Kvittering”. 7 km/h too fast. However, the view of the impressive landscape provides the feeling that this special expense would somehow be worth it. Arrived in the AirBnB it goes into the whirlpool. The “Kvittering” already forgotten again.

Arctic Circle ahead

The next day starts early in the morning with a ski tour to the 1500 meter high “Tinden”. The equipment sponsored by GoVertical served its purpose excellently. For Tim it was the first ski tour, which challenged him already at the beginning to the maximum, but the reward was even nicer when he could draw the first fresh tracks in the deep snow. The day ended in a spectacular Airbnb on Røssøya.

On the next morning happened something, what an innkeeper had prophesied to the boys the day before. A storm swept across the provinces of Nordland and Troms. The 500 kilometers between Rossoya and Skjervøya were challenging for man and car. The road conditions changed every minute between slushy, icy, snowy or flooded by streams. Thanks to the all-wheel drive, which BMW had installed for the first time in the 325IX /E30, the Alpineracer crew pulled unperturbed their tracks to the driveway of the AirBnB. Only on the last meters was on the completely frozen ground end for the 3er.

CLOSED due to the Weather.

The tenth and thus penultimate day began in a backyard with a 17 wrench. The belt of the E30s squeaks at every start and needs to be retightened. After a few grips in the engine compartment, the Alpineracers were full of confidence to reach the Nordkapp today. After all, it is now only a little over 6 hours to the northernmost point of Europe. Shortly before Skaidi, however, it quickly became clear that the 6 hours would not be enough. Gale-force winds of over 150km/h, snow flurries and stranded cars on the side of the road. The drive in the convoy is challenging even for the winter-experienced Swiss. Arrived in Skaidi, it is now exactly 150 kilometers to the destination. But due to the weather conditions, the final pass is closed. “Closed due to the weather” – stranded in Skaidi without accommodation. After an intensive search for a place to stay, the guys find one – in Hammerfest, 1.5 hours away. The spectacular northern lights on the detour more than put off.

After a night in Hammerfest, the crew left early in the morning. Next attempt. “Everything went according to plan, the weather was perfect, all roads were open.” The last stretch to the Cape was even free to drive on that day and did not have to be covered in a convoy, as is usually the case. At 09:41 am the time had come. Tim, Julian, Cyrill & Seya reach the Nordkapp with the BMW E30. The goal was reached. The Challenge was over.

“What remains are unforgettable memories and, of course, the coolest content we’ve ever produced.”

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