Porsche Classic – Lights for early 911s

Spare parts for early Porsche 911s and 912s in the best possible quality are rare. Accordingly, owners of these vehicles appreciate the fact that Porsche Classic keeps reissuing new parts together with the former original equipment manufacturers. The most current items include the front turn signals, parking lights, and taillights, suitable for 911s and 912s built up to 1968. While these short-wheelbase models closely resemble the subsequent model years in appearance, their parts don’t fit. Since the 1990s, Porsche no longer had the lights of the early 911s and 912s in their parts program. Now the taillights of all classic 911s from 1963 to the end of the 996 series are again available new.

Porsche Classic, together with Bosch Classic, set about reissuing these lights in their original look. At the same time, they meet all current specifications and tests for corresponding components. The zamak alloy for the zinc diecast housing corresponds to the original parts. So do the hand-painted lenses used in front of the lamps. For the US taillight version, however, red colored granulate is used as it was some 60 years ago. All individual parts are assembled by hand. The country-specific spare part numbers are also assigned to the housings by hand. This means that the lights can be ordered at any Porsche Center worldwide to fit the vehicles there.

Images: Porsche Classic