Porsche 917 on the canvas

Roman Miah might be known amongst some of our readers. The student of Automotive Transport & Design from Leeds/United Kingdom shows his incredible artwork skills on his own YouTube channel. He is able to bring cars on the canvas in a hyper realistic way by only using pencils and brushes. Now he got the chance by 9:11 magazine to paint a racecar legend from Porsche: the iconic Gulf 917 short-tail in its typical blue and orange paintwork.

For one of the most iconic racecars of the 1970s he needed exactly two days that he spent together with the 917 in the depot facility of Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. First he tried to get an impression of the cars forms, edges and light runnings. Afterwards he draw a first pencil sketch on the canvas and mixed the colors in their exact shades. Then it was time for the brushes to speak and let the iconic 917 live on the canvas as real as possible. The result is just stunning.

Images: Porsche Newsroom