Gianni Agnelli and Ferrari – special exhibition

Although the Corona pandemic is currently causing various travel restrictions and many museums are closed, there is reason to rejoice. The Museo Enzo Ferrari (MEF) in Modena, Italy, opened a new special exhibition. For now, it can only be visited online, but that’s exactly what offers unique opportunities. Live visits will never provide such an unobstructed view of the exhibits. The theme chosen is a special partnership that saved the Ferrari brand’s life financially in the 1960s. Giovanni ‘Gianni’ Agnelli became vice president of Fiat in 1953 and took over as Fiat Group president in 1966. When Ferrari ran out of money and they were discussing a takeover with Ford, he intervened and made sure Ferrari remained purely Italian. The reason for this was his lifelong enthusiasm for the brand. Numerous unique one-offs bear witness to this.

A total of four of these one-offs are now part of the special exhibition “Gianni Agnelli and Ferrari. The Elegance of the Legend”. In addition, there is an F40 and the Formula 1 racing car from 2003, which was given the name F2003-GA by Ferrari after Gianni Agnelli died in January 2003, shortly before the car’s premiere. The occasion for the new special exhibition was Gianni’s 100th birthday on March 12. Since Italian regulations don’t currently allow the museum to be open for the public, there are online guided tours twice a day as a stream available. These take place in Italian or English. Interested parties can register free of charge on the MEF website.

Images: Ferrari