Electrogenic Citroën DS EV

Electrified classic cars are currently triggering discussions in many places. There are two clearly separate camps. On the one hand, there are many classic car fans who would never tolerate a modification of their cars and therefore reject this approach just as vehemently as the equally current trend of restomods. On the other hand, however, there are also many car fans who really like electrified, silently gliding classic cars. Demand is correspondingly high among the companies that offer such conversions. In doing so, they specifically address the requests in order to convert exactly those models that are currently desired. Electrogenic from Oxford in the UK now offers what is, to our knowledge, the first professional electric conversion for the Citroën DS.

Instead of the original gasoline engine a brushless Hyper9 electric motor moves under the hood. This has a specific output of 120 hp and 235 Nm of torque. It makes the converted vehicle significantly more powerful than the production car. Power transmission to the front wheels is provided by the original manual gearbox. Concealed in the body are the batteries, which together provide 48.5 kWh and allow a range of up to 140 miles. They can be recharged in around two hours via a 29 kW charger. Other battery sizes and other chargers are available on request. There is also an optional range extender battery that increases the range to over 200 miles. The hydropneumatic suspension remains on board, but gets a significantly quieter electronic pump. From the outside, only the new “DS EV” logo at the rear indicates the conversion.

Images: Electrogenic