ECD Range Rover Classic Project Alpha

Optical and technical refreshing of young classic cars is a big thing in the automotive world within the last few years. Some know this as ‘restomods’. In Kissimmee/Florida a company called ECD Automotive Design is at home and works on Land Rover Defenders – ECD means East Coast Defenders by the way. This is astonishing as only a small amount of Defenders arrived in the USA in a small period of years. Now ECD widens their field by also working on Range Rover Classics with the internal title Project Alpha. RRCs have been sold in the US between 1987 and 1995, so searching for base cars is an easier task as with the Defenders.

Originally Range Rover Classics are known for a good mix of comfort, luxury and power. The US version came only with the 3.9 (later 4.2) litres V8 engine combined with an automatic transmission and permanent all-wheel drive. For Project Alpha customers can choose colors, rims, tires, drivetrain and accessoires before building starts. They get as much help as they want from the ECD design team. When configuration is finished the team starts working by disassembling the base car to the last nut and bolt. Afterwards every part is restored to best condition or replaced with new parts. The bodywork is stripped from paint, repaired if necessary and painted in the color the customer ordered.

Next to the possibility of retaining the original engine, ECD also offers a swap to a 6.2 litres V8 from General Motors. The LS3 called engine normally works in cars like the Chevrolet Camaro or the Corvette C7. In its basic configuration it delivers 420 hp and is combined with a sixspeed automatic. Optionally it can be fitted with a supercharger to get more than 500 hp.

From the outside this restomod is recognizable by LED lights all around and more parts in bodycolor like around the additional lights at the front or around the rear lights. The interior gets much better insolation and sound deadening as well as leather, stitchings, quiltings, wood decors, infotainment and more, just as the customer wants to have. ECD limited the maximum amount of Project Alphas per year to 36 cars. Prices start at about 160,000 US$ but can reach more than 200,000 US$, depending on extras.

Images: ECD Automotive Design