Classic Depot Rüsselsheim

Are you thinking about buying a classic car, but don’t have a garage space? Your garage is already full and your spouse is threatening divorce if you put another car in the driveway? Your everyday car is parked in the underground garage, but you don’t want your classic car to have to park under a streetlight? For these cases there are several options all over Germany. The most famous accomodations are in facilities such as Motorworld, Classic Remise, Lenkwerk, Klassikstadt or Ofenwerk. However, the cars parked in glass boxes there are also immediately visible to every visitor. But that isn’t what every collector or classic car owner wants. Here, storage facilities in areas not accessible to the public offer a better alternative. Using the Classic Depot in Rüsselsheim, which we were recently allowed to visit, we would like to shed some light on this.

The Classic Depot Rüsselsheim is located in the former F-building of the Opel plant. In the past, customer service technicians from Opel dealers all over Germany were trained here on new model series. Today, after an extensive building renovation, there are 70 heated and secure parking spaces for cars here. Some are even hidden separately behind steel doors, so that even the other tenants don’t know what’s hidden here. For minor repairs, for example at the start of the season, there is a lifting platform and a few tools. In addition, small dealers can rent space and go through all the paperwork with their customers in a classically furnished sales area. Next to that, there is a small common area as a Drivers Club for all kinds of petrol talks. Of course, every tenant can get to his or her vehicle(s) 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Otherwise, the cars are alarmed and protected from fires by sprinklers.

Images: Matthias Kierse