Bugatti Chiron – Number 300

When Bugatti unveiled the Chiron in 2016, it also announced that it would be limited to 500 units. In the meantime, the Sport, Pur Sport and Super Sport 300+ variants are also being created in parallel to the normal model, all of which are included in the total number. Last week, the manufactory in Molsheim completed the 300th Chiron. It is a Chiron Pur Sport, which in itself is limited to 60 units. Compared with the normal Chiron, it retains the 1,500 hp and 1,600 Nm W16 engine with four turbochargers. However, Bugatti ensured a significantly more agile design with modified aerodynamics, new chassis components and a shorter gear ratio. This makes the Chiron fun to drive even on tighter race tracks. It also doesn’t matter that the topspeed is limited to 350 kph (217.5 mph).

For the customer of the 300th Chiron, the vehicle was finished in Nocturne black. Bugatti finished the horseshoe grille, the wiper arms, the exterior mirrors and the rear wing in Grey carbon. Other colors include Gun Powder for the C-lines on the sides, the wheels and the rear light surround, and Gris Rafale for the Bugatti logo. Inside, black leather and grey Alcantara with grey stitching create a sophisticated ambience. The headrests feature an embroidered image of the famous dancing elephant by Rembrandt Bugatti, the brother of company founder Ettore Bugatti. Above the passengers’ heads, the two glass panels of the Sky View option let more light into the cockpit. Bugatti didn’t provide any details on the exact price of this vehicle. The base price for the Chiron Pur Sport is 3,000,000 € plus taxes. In parallel with the Chiron, the final examples of the Divo, the first vehicles of the Centodieci and the one-off La Voiture Noire are currently being built in Molsheim.

Images: Bugatti