Automobili Amos Integrale Speciale

Eugenio Amos has made a name for himself in the international automotive scene in recent years. Not by big race victories or the leadership of an international corporation, but only by his great car passion, which he lives openly and transports it also into his postings in social media channels. So he shows again and again pictures of his car collection, including one of only 20 built Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR or a dark green repainted Ferrari F40. But his heart belongs to a vehicle, that has not been produced since 1994: the Lancia Delta HF Integrale.

Actually, the Lancia Delta should have been one compact car amongst many others. Its substructure and chassis was taken from the Fiat Ritmo, the angular design comes from Giugiaro. After its market launch in 1979, sales outside Italy’s domestic market were sluggish, although in Sweden Fiat entered a cooperation with Saab and offered the Delta as Saab 600. In the mid-1980s Abarth together with Lancia technicians started working on the mid-engined Delta S4 for Group B rallying, although the final car was only barely reminiscent of its name giver. Following the ban of Group B in 1986, it was decided within the Fiat Group to further use the Delta as base vehicle for rallying, now in the production near Group A. Sufficient Delta HF with four-wheel drive system had already run off the production lines, so it could start to take the rally stages by storm from 1987 on. Until 1992 they won six manufacturer worldchampionship titles in a row. In order to be able to have the necessary modifications and improvements of the competition cars homologated at the motorsport association FIA, suitably equipped production vehicles were offered in partly unlimited and partly limited series. Specifically, the final special editions and the Evoluzione cars are very sought-after collectibles today.

With his own company Automobili Amos, Eugenio Amos soon would like to this legendary hot hatchback back to life. Similar to Singer with the Porsche 911, he offers a so-called restomod for the Delta HF Integrale; so a comprehensive refresher including various improvements and modifications. From the first computer pictures it is clear that the rear doors may be closed to give the car more lateral stability. Hand-beaten aluminium panels provide for wider fenders, while at the front a carbon component surrounds headlights and grille and extends down to the front spoiler.

A total of over 1,000 new components are being used to make a Lancia Delta HF Integrale into an Automobili Amos Integrale Speciale. Also engine, gearbox, suspension and interior are significantly upgraded. For each car, depending on customer wishes, at least four months pass between order and completion. The world premiere of this new restomod vehicle will take place at the new trade fair ‘Grand Basel’ at the second weekend of September.

Images: Automobili Amos