Amalgam Collection

In a well-equipped garage belongs next to tools and the cars of choice also a little bit of decoration. That men rarely talk about florets and curtains, should be clear to most women. Rather, they are interested in high-quality model cars, mostly of course of their own dream cars, parked in the same garage in original size. But actually really well made model cars are too good for serving only as decoration in the garage. They should be allowed to stand in a good place in the living room.

If you look at the models of Amalgam Collection, they really have every reason for a place of honor. Whether prewar classics, sports cars from the 1960s and 70s or the latest supercars, the experts reproduce these either in a scale of 1:4, 1:8, 1:12 or 1:18. In addition to low-volume productions in various colors you can also contact the team directly and let them reproduce your own vehicle down to the stitching color in the interior exactly to detail. Some manufacturers like Bugatti cooperate directly with Amalgam Collection and offer these unique items to their customers.

Next to cars, Amalgam Collection also produces other models such as yachts or planes. In addition, racing teams have the opportunity to get exact miniatures of their race cars for promotional purposes, which can be exhibited during sponsor or media events. This offer is appreciated by Formula 1 teams as well as in the sports car world.

The attention to detail of these unique model cars really only lacks the feature of filling up petrol and other operating fluids to start the little engines. While this will probably remain a dream at least within the next few years, there is the chance to have your model car equipped with a true-to-original lighting, whereby Amalgam Collection also takes into account country-specific additional lights such as the US-sidemarkers.

Images: Amalgam Collection