Rolls-Royce Black Badge Adamas Collection

With the models under their label Black Badge Rolls-Royce tries to attract a younger clientele than normally with their super luxurious sedans, coupés and convertibles. Minor modifications to the design are enough to cause a different, nearly sporty appearance for Wraith and Dawn. Now there is a limited edition of 30 Dawn and 40 Wraith in the exclusive Adamas Collection. Adamas means as much as ‘untameable’, ‘invincible’ or just ‘diamond’. And what are diamonds made from? Carbon, just like carbon-reinforced plastic better known as carbonfibre.

For the first time in their history Rolls-Royce produces the legendary ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ from carbonfibre. 294 layers of aerospace grade carbonfibre are used and produced with a technical weave angle of precisely 25 degrees between them within 68 hours. The figur resides on a specially made, vapour blasted titanium base with engraved ‘Black Badge Adamas’ lettering and the infinity logo on it. Inspired by the colorful accents inside the presentation cars of Black Badge series the Adamas Collection adds some contrasts on the exterior as well. The Wraith shows ‘Morpheus Blue’ while the Dawn wears ‘Aphrodite Red’. Customers can choose between both variants for both bodyworks. Next to that the car gets black gille vanes for the already black outer grille of the Black Badge.

On the inside fans of the make will specially see the analogue watch. Under its display are 88 black diamonds showing the infinity logo. These diamonds are specially made for Rolls-Royce in a laboratory and are mounted on a carbon plate just as the aluminium watch face. The illuminated starlight headliner shows 1,340 individual fibre optic lights interpreting the diamond theme nicely by showing the molecular structure of carbon while forming a diamond. Fitting to the chosen leather hide the lights show the same color.

For the first time Rolls-Royce offers pearlescent effect leather in a collection car, which also features the exterior colors, just as leather inlays on the doorcards and the bicolor-steeringwheel is doing. Further the doors and middle tunnel show woven leather. Brushed metal with dark finish is cold to touch and ensure an unbreakable impression. The illuminated tread plates show either the lettering ‘Black Badge Wraith Adamas – One of Forty’ or ‘Black Badge Dawn Adamas – One of Thirty’.

Images: Rolls-Royce