Richard Mille RM 40-01 Speedtail

Richard Mille presents a new wristwatch to match the limited edition McLaren Speedtail supercar. There has been a cooperation between the watchmaker and the carmaker goes into its fifth year. The RM 40-01 Speedtail automatic tourbillon features a design inspired by the teardrop shape, just like the car. The McLaren Speedtail can reach speeds of up to 402 kph (250 mph) thanks to its aerodynamically outstanding shape. Thus, at topspeed, it covers 112 meters per second. To create a worthy wristwatch for this supercar, Richard Mille’s team needed about 2,800 working hours over 18 months. In total, they created five different prototypes until the right shape was found. While neither McLaren nor Richard Mille gave any details on the purchase price, the limitation is set at 106 units analogous to the sports car.

The result is a body whose shape is reminiscent of the cover over the engine compartment in the McLaren Speedtail. The design of the air outlets behind the front wheels is also found on the watch. For the casing alone, Richard Mille uses 69 individual parts, for which titanium and carbon fiber are used, among other materials. Due to the unique shape, it is wider in the upper area around the 12 than at the bottom around the 6. Thus, the center of the hands was shifted slightly upwards. The dial takes up only the outer area, revealing the movement inside. A large date display is integrated at the very top below the 12. The asymetrical rubber strap uses Vulculor technology from Biwi SA. This makes it possible to coat colored rubber.

Images: McLaren, Richard Mille