REC P-51 Green Hornet

Watches from REC Watches are known for one special feature: they reuse metal parts from legendary cars or airplanes. Their latest model, the P-51 Green Hornet, is no exception. This time, an absolute rarity served as a source of inspiration and material. In 1968 a Mustang show car named EXP 500 Green Hornet was created as a cooperation between Ford and Carroll Shelby. At the body of the facelifted Mustang numerous new Shelby attachments were found. Under the hood rumbled for test purposes different V8 engines with electronic fuel injection. Actually the unique specimen should have been destroyed after the test like all prototypes. But somehow it was spared this fate. In 2018, the Ford Mustang Shelby EXP 500 Green Hornet came into the hands of collector Craig Jackson, who commissioned an extensive restoration. Since various sheet metal sections also had to be renewed in the process, he donated the separated out sections to REC Watches with the desire to see them re-used on a new wristwatch.

This promise was gladly made by the watch company. Work started in early 2019, specifically drawing inspiration from the car. Unlike previous watch models, they reduced the case diameter to 42 millimeters for better usability. While the dial take up the look of analog instruments, the metal case shows elements in the style of the radiator grille on the left side and in the style of the wide taillights on the right. The crown’s star shape is reminiscent of the wheel rims, and the leather strap with its embossing is reminiscent of the seats. In the background of the dial is a brightly polished metal part from the EXP 500 Green Hornet. On the black anodized back are the model name and VIN of the prototype car, as well as the consecutive limitation number of 282 copies worldwide. The price is € 1,396 each including tax and shipping.

Images: REC Watches