Porsches in Nature – exhibition concept

At the moment, car shows can hardly take place, as we all know. The main reason is the usual venue: closed exhibition halls. Jared Zaugg, a designer, event producer and automotive lifestyle brand specialist from the USA, is therefore planning a completely new car show for 2022. He wants to give the overall concept more breadth and horizon – in the truest sense of the word. His ‘Porsches in Nature’ exhibition is to take place in the canyons of Moab in the US state of Utah. Under the open sky and without barriers around the cars, at least almost. Together with a specialised company he is currently working on special glass boxes with UV protection built into the glass in which the vehicles will be placed.

Jared Zaugg wants to display a total of 30 important Porsche sports and racing cars along a 5- to 10-mile-long picturesque country road. At the same time, the exhibition is to be permanently open to the public, as the glass boxes offer enough protection for the exhibits. They withstand heat and UV light and are always under video surveillance and alarm protection. A special app will allow interested visitors to get the exact location of each vehicle as well as background information. He chose these canyons as the venue because of several factors. For one, the humidity here is low and the scenery is simply beautiful. Also, this area is already one of the top 10 most popular attractions in the USA anyway. In addition, other attractions are located in the immediate vicinity, which means that some tourists may be planning an interesting road trip. If all plans go well, ‘Porsches in Nature’ will start in spring 2022 and run for three to four months.

Images: Dravcarn, Jared Zaugg