Hummingbird Electric

E-Bikes have arrived in the broader society. The demand for special solutions, that have been around for decades on normal bicycles, is correspondingly high. Hummingbird comes from the UK and is a subsidiary of Prodrive, which is best known for the Subaru and Mini World Rally Cars, Rally Cross cars based on the Volkswagen Golf and Renault Megane or the FIA WEC race cars from Aston Martin. In addition to the automotive sector, which is also involved in production development of well-known manufacturers like McLaren or Land Rover, Prodrive also maintain departments for aviation, marine, rail transport and energy concepts.

Hummingbird already presented the world’s lightest folding bicycle last year. Thanks to a frame made of carbon fibre, it comes to only 6.9 kilograms total weight. Now follows the Hummingbird Electric as an electrified variant. Here, too, the best result was achieved: at just 10.3 kilograms, it is the lightest electric folding bike in the world.

The folding carbon frame is joined by a brushless electric motor with 250 watts of power in the rear wheel hub with a diameter of 180 millimeters and a thickness of 120 millimeters as well as a lithium battery with 160 Wh capacity. In order not to consume these too fast, the British company limits the top speed to 25 kph, which indicates to a range of more than 30 kilometers.

To start the electric motor the driver must paddle to at least 8 kph and then back pedal three revolutions. From then on, the engine provides appropriate support in all driving situations, whether uphill or when a boost is needed to get away from a traffic light. After resting for more than two minutes, the engine shuts off automatically. Via a bluetooth connection the driver can control the power and battery reserves on his mobile phone using the Bitride app. Next to that are an online diagnostic function, a bike-oriented navigation system and other social functions. In case of theft, the owner can also block the rear wheel via the app. In the UK the price starts at 4,495 GBP.

Images: Hummingbird