Ducati MG-20

Most readers probably know Ducati exclusively for its interesting range of motorcycles. However, for some time now, the Italian company has been purposefully expanding its lineup to the e-bike market as well. Now they present the MG-20, a foldable bike with electric add-on drive. The foldable frame, forks and rims made of ultralight magnesium are completely new. At the same time, the MG-20 transfers the typical Ducati design to the world of e-bikes. Disc brakes are fitted to the 20-inch wheels to ensure good deceleration.

A 250-watt electric motor sits at the rear wheel. Using innovative sensors, the control software detemines the level of assistance required based on the road surface and gradient. In addition, the rider can select three different riding modes for up to 12, up to 18 or up to 25 kph. For this purpose, there is a waterproof LCD display located on the handlebars. An LED headlight and reflective strips on the wheels ensure safe riding at night. A 378 Wh battery from Samsung sits in the frame and can be pulled out for charging. At a topspeed of 25 kph, up to 50 kilometers of range are possible on a full battery charge. The first examples of the Ducati MG-20 will be available from July. There are no details on the price yet.

Images: Ducati