De Rosa SK Pininfarina Metamorphosis

Among car fans Pininfarina is known as a coachbuilder of first quality, famous for various sports cars but also sedans, SUVs and compact cars. In addition to the vehicle division Pininfarina has also been running a division for industrial design, which designed glass bottles, trains or household items for many decades. Their latest project was created in cooperation with bicycle manufacturer De Rosa, with which they already created some bikes under the common label ‘De Rosa SK Pininfarina’.

For their new models ‘Metamorphosis’ they decided to combine several purposes as a target. The bicycle is intended for both, everyday trips in modern metropolis, as well as for sporting activities on weekends. The driver can decide if he wants to stay on smooth tarmac or drive in light offroad terrain. De Rosa and Pininfarina call it the world’s first ‘sport utility vehicle’.

The basis for Metamorphosis is a carbon monocoque as an inner frame over which an outer frame is attached, drawn by Pininfarina in the style of sporty cars. There are also 40-millimeter-wide wire rims and a Shimano Alfine eight-speed gearshift. Handlebar and saddle can be exchanged easily and quickly for the particular application.

Images: Pininfarina