Danish Fuel

The design team of Danish Fuel might have one of the most unique product ranges in the current interior design landscape. Established in 2010, the company took a simple, yet bold idea and successfully made a name for itself. Their attractive and straightforward website showcases their philosophy and brand, and if you happen to be in the market for a statement piece, their line of refurbished and even scratch built Jerry can liquor cabinets and medicine lockers might be right up your alley.

Jerry cans of course were among the most coveted spoils of war during World War 2, with allied soldiers desperately trying to get their hands on these marvels of engineering. Reconstituting and complementing these authentic pieces of history, the designers include well proportioned shelving in multiple types of wood, to give these cabinets a sleek and versatile new life. And for those of us who’d rather show off our sense of style while on the go, ‘Danish Fuel’ offers a rather sexy suit case in the shape of, you guessed it, a Jerry can.

Now, you could certainly make the argument that their aesthetic might primarily be steered towards gear heads and auto enthusiasts. Personally however, I find myself drawn firstly to the instantly recognizable, familiar silhouette, regardless of its original purpose, and only secondly to the mischievous play on the word “fuel”, now referring to your personal reserve of spirits. Speaking of which: as it happens, the company has partnered with distiller Anders Bilgram and Nordisk Braenderi to create their own brand of botanicals, just in case you needed a bottle of gin to put in your new cabinet.

Naturally, this sort of unusual approach to design comes at a more exclusive price point, with the both the suitcase and the cabinets falling somewhere between 400 and just over 600 €. Considering however, their selection of paint jobs, wood finishes and custom packaging, you’d be hard pressed to find a comparable alternative for less.

Images: Danish Fuel