Cult Car Colors

Colorful cars please everyone – and many women. But while for men this joy is at best underlined by a matching shirt or tie, or possibly a cap, the ladies think further. Wouldn’t it be nice to put on matching nail polish to go with the classic car to the next rally or outing? This connection is less far-fetched than you might think. In fact, it was the paint developed for automobiles in the 1920s that provided the suitable basis for the nail polish that is still popular today. Since then, stripe-free, opaque colors have delighted ladies all over the world, as well as many gentleman. So why not take the original arc back again? After all, there are already numerous car manufacturers whose customization departments created special paint colors based on the customer’s nail polish.

Cult Car Colors is now adapting some of the most iconic automotive colors for fingernails. The first of these are deliberately 20 shades of the classic Porsche 911. Whether “Irish Green”, the favorite shade of Ferry Porsche, the fresh “Signal Orange” from the 1970s or a classic “Fashion Grey” – the fingers always show themselves well dressed. In addition to the joy of color, the brand attaches great importance to natural ingredients and biocompatibility. Through the “14-free” label, they also state that they deliberately avoid the 14 most common harmful ingredients in nail polishes. In addition, all these colors are produced in Germany. They come in noble black gift boxes with inlay in Pepita pattern. Some shades are also available as exclusive sets of three. If desired, the banderoles around the boxes can be personalized. As classic car fans, Ulrike Clormann and her husband Marc run the company Cult Car Colors.

Images: Cult Car Colors