BlueBrixx US Sports Car

The latest car model from BlueBrixx made of bricks in 1:18 scale recreates a classic US sports cars. For the first time, it is possible to build two different body styles. Either a racy coupé or a two-seater roadster is created. The design language clearly corresponds to a 1960s sports car, which in reality was given the name of a fish. To match the black exterior, BlueBrixx set off the interior in bright red, reproducing the sports seats and dashboard. On the roadster, two roll bars sit directly behind the cockpit, while the coupé features a split rear window.

In total, the new BlueBrixx set consists of 909 individual parts. Via the downloadable PDF instructions with their total of 222 steps, the US sports car is gradually created. Some building steps deal exclusively with the roadster or the coupé. Doors and engine hood can be opened like on the original vehicle and reveal further details. In the BlueBrixx online store (*) the US sports car costs 38.95 € plus shipping.

Images: BlueBrixx

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