BlueBrixx US Classic Hardtop

Just in time for the start of the new year, BlueBrixx is once again expanding its range of model cars made of bricks. The rough scale is 1:18, and this time the model is an American classic that also made it into movies. Under the name ‘Christine’, the red hardtop coupé caused fear and terror. On a smaller scale and assembled by hand, however, the horror is likely to be limited.

After a total of 213 assembly steps, the 1,194 individual components result in a beautiful US vehicle of the late 1950s. This can be placed closed in the display case. Alternatively, the doors, hood and trunk lid can be opened. The typical fins can be seen at the rear. In addition, the roof shows up in contrasting white. The only pity is that the chrome accents are only indicated by grey bricks. The price for the US Classic 2-door Hardtop (*) is 47.95 €.

Images: BlueBrixx

(*=affiliate link to the website of BlueBrixx. If you buy anything there, you won’t pay more, but we get a small fee as well)