AC Cobra Superblower 120

Just in time for the company’s 120th anniversary, AC Cars is presenting a limited special series of the legendary Cobra. This is expected to be the final special edition with a classic internal combustion engine (ICE). For all upcoming models, the British brand is planning a change to battery-electric drives. Thus, the 12 examples of the anniversary series could become sought-after collector’s items. Each one represents a decade of the brand’s history.

There are five exciting color combinations to choose from for the bodies. In addition to ‘AC Red’ and ‘AC Blue’, there are also ‘AC British Racing Green’ and ‘AC Yellow’, each with white stripes. The fifth variant is painted in light blue with orange racing stripes. Under the hood in each case is a supercharged V8 with 580 BHP. This surpasses the performance figures of the original Cobra Superblower, which was presented some 20 years ago. AC Cars is calling for £ 129,500 each for the 12 units of the special edition. Fans and interested parties should be quick to order due to the low production number.

Images: AC Cars

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