Vernasca Silver Flag 2018

Once a year the contemplative Italian town of Vernasca transforms into a full-throttle mecca for horsepower fans . Everything starts for the participants on a voluntary basis with a trackday at the Circuit of Varano, also known as ‘Autodromo Riccardo Paletti’, on Friday. There they can let off steam with their race cars. The following two days continue on the about 11 kilometers long hillclimb circuit of Vernasca.

In addition to numerous Italian racing cars, this year also included a large number of rally cars from the Alpine A110 to the Lancia 037 and up to the Peugeot 205 T16, as well as some competitors from the sports car world championship like the Porsche 910 or the Sauber Sehcar C6. Next to that the organizers focused this year on French racing cars from the interwar period under the motto ‘Vitesse en Bleu’, like the very successful Bugatti models. In best weather many fans enjoyed the rare cars, including one of only a few built Serenissima.

Images: Jonathan Haid