Supercars at Bonhams

In 2016, sports car fans worldwide rubbed their eyes. The reason for this were numerous pictures from Geneva in Switzerland, where the police impounded a large collection of supercars and other luxury vehicles. These belonged to Teodorin Obiang Nguema Mangue, son of the President of Equatorial Guinea and now even Vice President and Minister of Agriculture and Forestry in his father’s government. However, he mainly stays at his residences in the US, in London, Paris or Rio de Janeiro, where he devours the money that is missing at home from his people. Investigations into corruption, money laundering, misappropriation of public funds and crooked dealings with oil and gas companies are ongoing against him in several countries. This led to the confiscation of several luxury cars in Paris in 2011. These were auctioned a while later, but almost unnoticed by the public at a nearly unknown French auction house.

This fate is now spared for the 25 impounded cars in Geneva. At the end of September, they will be auctioned at the well-known auction house Bonhams, which is setting up an own auction event at the prestigious Bonmont Golf & Country Club in Geneva. To announce this, four unique vehicles were gathered for a first photo shoot. Already these few cars are likely to cause a stir among car fans, as they are real supercars, which are rarely seen in public. As far as we know, this constellation hasn’t been shown in any picture before, let alone be publicly offered for sale or auction.

The pictures show a blue Bugatti Veyron, which looks almost like a mass product compared to the other vehicles shown. After all, there were 450 copies of all variants of the Veyron worldwide. In addition, a yellow McLaren P1 is parked, of which a total of 375 copies ran off the production line in Woking from 2013 to 2015. Why these cars must already be referred to as mass production vehicles, opens up only when viewing the other two objects in the photos. Both not only combine their wild aerodynamics with the fact that they can be driven open without a roof, but also share the fact of single-digit production numbers.

Undoubtedly the wildest impression is made by the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster, which is absolutely unique worldwide with its two-tone paint in white and ivory. Lamborghini built nine copies of the Roadster, after the Coupé version was produced three times for customers plus once for the factory museum. Next to it, one of only seven built Koenigsegg One:1 is shown in blue carbon fiber with accents in bare carbon and blue stripes. The Swedish company built this supercar in 2014 to prove that a 1:1 ratio between power and weight is possible. The car weighs 1,360 kilograms and has 1,360 horsepower. In addition to these four cars, Bonhams will auction another 21 vehicles, with the spread ranging from an Aston Martin One-77 or a Ferrari LaFerrari to a Mercedes-Maybach S 600, some Bentleys or Maserati. More information about the auction event and the full catalogue will be available soon.

Bilder: Bonhams