Sports Cars Day

For the first ever Sports Cars Day they also got four very special cars from the Motorsport department. The unique iQ Cup with its 140 horsepower supercharged engine and the TMG Sports 650 based on the Lexus LS were parked inside the exhibition hall while outside a pre-series Lexus LFA with its high-reving V10 and a Lexus IS 430 prototype with a 305 horsepower V8 were waiting for interested views. The IS 430 was built at the Toyota Motorsport GmbH as a predecessor to the IS F of 2007.

With a visit at Toyota Collection

Next to some other exhibition cars of Toyota and Lexus was enough parking space for visitors including many with sports cars of both Japanese manufacturers. But also different manufacturers could be found here, just parked next to those eastern cars, without looking strange or wrong. Thanks to hospitality and friendliness we will come back for sure.

Author: Matthias Kierse – Secret Classics

Images: Matthias Kierse