Koenigsegg Gemera German Debut

The summer of 2020 is a very pleasant one in terms of weather. However, thanks to the worldwide Corona pandemic, there are only rare opportunities for car fans to view fine cars in sunlight. Accordingly, invitations to events are readily accepted when they reach the mailbox. Under these circumstances, even an earlier departure from the holiday is a possibility. This is what happened on 14 August, when Premium Automotive Concept Esser as official Koenigsegg dealer for Germany and the Benelux countries invited to the German premiere of the Gemera and Jesko Absolut. Both vehicles should have been at the Geneva International Motor Show, which, as is well known, was cancelled at the last second due to the beginning of the pandemic. Now they are on a world tour to all official dealers. Since large crowds in narrow halls are currently not a good idea, the German premiere took place at the Test Center Aldenhoven, where there was plenty of space for beautiful cars and interested customers in the open air.

In front of a specially rented truck for the catering area and comfortable seating areas, the main actors of the event stood in a V-shape in two rows. In addition to the two premiere vehicles, Markus Esser provided a nice overview of the company history of Koenigsegg to date. For this purpose, he invited some customer vehicles and provided his own fleet of used cars. This cross section ranged from the CC 8S, which was only built six times, to the CCR, the CCX, the CCXR and the Agera, to the Agera R and even a One:1, whose name is derived from the power-to-weight ratio. Only 1,360 kilograms meet 1,360 hp here. Even two customer examples of the current hybrid supercar Regera could be admired.

In order to show the differences of the Jesko Absolut in the best possible way, Koenigsegg also sent the normal Jesko in Track specification to Aldenhoven, which debuted in Geneva last year. With the Absolut, the small Swedish brand is aiming to attack to 500 kph (310.8 mph) mark, making this the first road-legal production car with this top speed. To achieve this, the aerodynamics at the front and rear were deliberately modified to have as little drag as possible. Covers can be fitted to the rear carbon rims to further improve the aerodynamics.

In addition, the new Koenigsegg Gemera was the center of attention. No wonder, this is the first ever family car from Koenigsegg. Four full-size seats and plenty of storage space meet a three-cylinder turbo engine in combination with a hybrid drive system. A total of 1,700 hp and 3,500 newtonmeters of torque provide the propulsion. The first series-production vehicles aren’t scheduled to roll to waiting customers before 2022 at the earliest, although many of them have already ordered and paid deposits.

In the area behind the catering truck there was enough space for customers who had arrived in their own sports cars. Rimac and BAC also presented their latest creations here. Esser is the official dealer for the Croatian electric sports cars and is already looking forward to the upcoming series production of the Rimac C_Two, while the British sports car manufacturer BAC would actually have presented the latest version of the single-seater Mono in Geneva as well. Two other BACs, some McLaren, Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and Mercedes-Benz filled the parking spaces, as did a Pagani Huayra Roadster or a Wiesmann MF4 GT. Those who wanted to could drive their car either on the oval course with banked corners, on a narrow handling course or a drift arena watered by the fire brigade. For many visitors, this made the event feel like a return to normality, although we will probably have to wait for this for some time.

Images: Matthias Kierse