BlueBrixx French classical limousine

Currently, new brick model cars from BlueBrixx are released nearly on a weekly basis. After the Oldtimer we recently introduced, there is now another replica of a classic car from France. As with all their model cars, BlueBrixx doesn’t have an official license of the original brand or model and therefore simply calls this one the “French classical limousine” (*). However, car fans may already have recognized what the source of inspiration is called.

The elegant limousine body shines in a noble shade of dark red in combination with a grey roof. Inside, the seats show light beige. Doors, hood and trunk lid can be opened to reveal further details. In total, the model consists of 1,108 bricks, which are of course compatible with those of the Danish market leader and are of a very similar quality level. A PDF instruction with 232 construction steps is available for download. BlueBrixx is currently calling for a sales price of 38.94 € due to the reduction in VAT in Germany until 31 December.

Images: BlueBrixx

(*=affiliate link to the website of BlueBrixx. If you buy anything there, you won’t pay more, but we get a small fee as well)