BlueBrixx Compact Car

Some time ago, we already presented two BlueBrixx model vehicles here that can be assembled by their owners from bricks. These were the famous London Taxi and a Classic Small Car with French design. Now the company from Flörsheim/Germany presents a new set, whose appearance reminds very much of a sporty small car of the late 1970s. However, since BlueBrixx doesn’t use any official brand licenses, the model is not adorned with logos or lettering. Fans should nevertheless quickly recognize the shapes and are therefore very happy about this offer.

In the typical red with black details around the tailgate and small front spoiler as well as finely designed rims, this model knows how to inspire. The removable roof allows a view into the colorful cockpit with two round instruments behind the steering wheel and tri-colored seats. The doors and bonnet can be opened, which also reveals the reproduced four-cylinder engine. The model consists of 1,065 individual parts, which are assembled in 189 steps according to a downloadable assembly instruction. This building kit is available from the BlueBrixx online shop linked below for the absolutely acceptable price of 39.95 €.

Images: BlueBrixx