BlueBrixx 59 Convertible USA

The 1950s in Europe were characterised by small and practical vehicles. At the same time, cars in the USA grew in length from year to year and were fitted with ever larger tail fins. Although this fashion didn’t last long, it still enjoys worldwide popularity today. Accordingly, the 59 Convertible from BlueBrixx, a manufacturer of brick construction toys, should also be of interest, as it reproduces a famous car of that time in great detail. Of course, for licensing reasons, there are no brand emblems on the bodywork or interior, but fans should already have recognized the vehicle in our pictures. BlueBrixx chose a red color scheme with seats in red and white and a white tarpaulin where the top would be folded up in the original car. The doors as well as the big hood and the trunk lid can be opened and the front seats can be folded forward.

The 59 Cabriolet USA is available directly from the BlueBrixx website and costs 39.99 € (plus shipping). Its box contains 1,021 individual parts, which can be assembled to form the model vehicle in 172 steps using the downloadable PDF assembly instructions. The final result is 32 centimeters long, 13 centimeters wide and eight centimeters high. As a collector’s item, it is then suitable not only for display in the showcases of 50s fans, but also together with the other model cars from BlueBrixx in a separate collection, which can be supplemented with models in a similar scale from the Lego range on request.

Images: BlueBrixx