40 Years of Citroën 2CV Charleston

At the Paris Motor Show in October 1980 Citroën presented the most famous special edition model of the 2CV to date. Originally there should have been only 8,000 copies of the two-tone Charleston. In France, the basic price was set at 24,800 Francs. Not only the elaborate color scheme should appeal to fans of the model. In addition, the 2CV in this version came again with round headlights. The normal series already had square housings.

Limited edition became a series

In the original limited edition, the headlamp housings were painted maroon red and the seats were covered with fabric in a dog-tooth pattern. However, the demand in Europe quickly exceeded the planned number of pieces. As a result, Citroën included the Charleston in its normal model range from 1981 onwards, virtually embodying the luxury equipment line of the 2CV. For this purpose, the painted headlight housings were exchanged for chrome-plated ones and the seat covers for grey fabric. At the beginning there was only the color combination Delage Red and Black, which was supplemented for the model year 1982 by Hélios Yellow and Black. From 1983 onwards, the yellow version was replaced by a Night Grey and Cormorant Grey version.

In 1988 the 2CV production in France ended, but was continued in Mangualde, Portugal. Experts can recognize corresponding vehicles by the windows, which bear the manufacturer’s logo of the Spanish company Covina. On July 27, 1990 at exactly 4:30 pm, the 5,114,969th and last Citroën 2CV including all its derivatives rolled off the production line. It was a Charleston in Night Grey and Cormorant Grey. Today, well-preserved copies of the 2CV Charleston fetch prices around 4,000 € higher than normal 2CVs. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the 2CV’s production in 2008, Citroën reissued the limited special edition Charleston based on the C3 Pluriel.

All 12 limited 2CV special editions

  • 2CV Spot (1976)
  • 2CV Charleston (1980)
  • 2CV 007 James Bond (1981)
  • 2CV Marcatelo (1982, Spain only)
  • 2CV Transat (1983, Germany and Switzerland only)
  • 2CV France 3 (1983, France only)
  • 2CV Ente grün ‘I fly bleifrei’ (1985, Germany and Switzerland only)
  • 2CV Dolly (1985, France only)
  • 2CV Cocorico (1986, France only)
  • 2CV Sausss-Ente (1987, Germany and Switzerland only)
  • 2CV Bamboo (1987, United Kingdom only)
  • 2CV Perrier (1988, Belgium only)

Images: Citroën